Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Keep updated on our family and ministry

We want to keep you updated on the current things we are enjoying or not enjoying :) in our day to day.  Please "friend" us through facebook to get the best and current updates on us!!

We still respond through e-mail and would love to hear from you and answer any questions etc. that you may have concerning our family or Vanuatu or WHATEVER! :)


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Whats up?

We are a week away from returning to Vanuatu!  Which means I really need to start packing! :)  We will miss seeing all our friends here in Australia but we are looking forward to reconnecting with friends in Vila and Ambrym.

As you may have read in our newsletter, we will be finishing up our house as soon as possible so we can move in and settle in the village in our own space.  This requires plumbing, electric (solar), carpentry, and getting some sort of sealer on the floor.  Houghton will be very busy working to this end before the rest of our family moves out with the new Kaiden.  There is a work team from here in Australia that are pulling together to come in March and will get a bulk of things done in the carpentry needs.

We will continue to keep you updated through facebook firstly and also through this blog.  But as you can see from past posts, the blog is secondary. :)

We trust you have a fantastic Christmas and may this year draw you in closer to our Lord and Saviour!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some new scenery

We arrived in Melbourne (that's in Australia for anyone who doesn't know) just under a month ago to get a chance to reconnect with churches and friends here and for Gretch to deliver Baby here.
It has been such a great time catching up and also meeting new families.

Here are some pics that show a bit of our time here so far.....

Why is it that when I sit to make an update I realize that we haven't been taking very many pics??? ARG. :) 

But here goes with what we have and conciser my hand hand slapped so as to take more photos! :)

 Gotta love that beautiful green and sky!

 And of course the new wild life that frolic literally in our front yard.
 The kids are fascinated by horses!  (not many around in Ambrym) and have enjoyed feeding and cuddling with these beauties while on our walks.

Flipping pancakes at Hannah's (Hannah came and helped in Ambrym in May)

Enjoying a giant rabbit

Houghton and Laura were able to teach a course called PROBE.  This course is a long weekend focused on introducing interested adults to what Bible translation might look like.  Laura taught Phonetics and Houghton taught Anthropology.  It was really fun to hang out with these guys and share what we have learned on our short journey and encourage others to seek what God would have them do with their willing hearts and lives.

This fantastic family is heading to Vanuatu Lord willing.  They are currently raising financial support in the Melbourne area and then they will be off to a cultural training in PNG and then on to Vanuatu!  So cool to see other families coming along and we look forward to serving with them in the future!

Houghton sharing at a friends Bible Study

Kids from the Bible study!
We have been so blessed to meet new families and its always a joy for the kids to meet some more fantastic friends while they are here in Australia.  This was a 5 year olds b-day party and she and Addy have nearly been inseparable. ;)

Kristin has the coolest job ever.... a party character... pirate one day Tinkerbell the next. :)

Gwen the tiger

Addy is  a kitty

Some amazing ladies that we get to hang out with while here in Australia.  So, so blessed with such great friendships.

Si the cheetah.

And thats the whole lot!

Gwen and Gretch singing for a church service

ROLLARSKATING!  We were so jazzed to introduce skating so the kids.  We all grew up going to the rink and it was so fun to relive the good ol' days! :)

A surprise baby shower!  We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love on this little baby!  Cannot thank our extended Australian family for the care they have showed us!

Practicing for a Christmas program!

Si got to go to the museum with Laura for a reading reward!

Fantastic friends

Awe! :)

We have enjoyed seeing the Winan's before they move to the States in just a couple months.

We got to go to family camp with other families from a group of churches here in Melbourne. 

I love flowers!  And I love that my girls love to give flowers! :)

Well those are our photos up until now-ish.  We are enjoying being with friends, sharing meals with new acquaintances and sharing what God is doing in Vanuatu.  All the while eagerly anticipating the birth of our little boy who will come anytime God decides. :)

Please feel free to get in touch with us through this blog, through e-mail ( houghton.richards@gmail.com ), facebook, skype, whatever! :)  We look forward to all God has in store for our family.  Here in Melbourne, over the pond in Vila, and back at home in Ambrym. :)