Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling some showers of blessing!

Since we have decided to stay in Boise for several months longer, it means that we will be adding one more to our family while we are away from "home". We found that it would cost a huge amount for our parents to ship out all of our needed summer clothes and baby clothes and so we found ourselves in an interesting bind.
But AS ALWAYS God had this all thought out!
A friend of Laura's heard of our need and graciously went thru all of her children's old clothes and sent over three garbage bags full of clothing for our kids, new baby included! What an amazing thing to see God working in this way. We have been literally showered with blessing from our all-knowing and caring Lord!

These are pictures of Laura and the kids sorting through the clothing and taking out what we could use.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Loving what God can do!

We have continuously been experiencing God's blessings through you all. We feel wrapped in prayer and encouragement and are humbled to be your teammate in this amazing work God has called us to! As each day passes, we are brought closer to our departure date for Vanuatu! Although that date is yet to be nailed down, we see God pulling things together to bring that date closer and it becomes more of a reality in our lives.
Jim Elliot stated so wisely, "Wherever you are, be all there." Houghton likes to add, "Whenever you are, be ever there" (meaning: being completely invested where you are knowing that the time allotted to us is precious, fleeting, and unpredictable).
God has given this time in Boise to us to be tools used by Him in ways beyond ourselves. We are grateful for every opportunity we have to share about the work in Vanuatu and for every opportunity we have to serve the Body of Christ here in Idaho. Whether it is MT, ID, or Vanuatu, we are to be all there in service and heart and this has been a challenge and a blessing to us! Pray with us as we seek out more worshipers who God is desiring to use in Vanuatu on our team of supporters!

Small groups

Westside Bible Church small group

Ustick Baptist Sunday small group

Calvary Chapel Boise Missions prayer group

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

Some pictures

Claudia (a former co-worker of Laura) came over to help me learn how to sew from a pattern

Week two in Idaho

We have been enjoying our time here in Boise these past two weeks. We have been able to present at one church and meet with pastors and individuals throughout various churches in this area.
God has been supplying for our family in great ways. We are staying in a missionary home for the time we are here and the kids have enjoyed the new surrounding.
Our support has continued to rise and we are now at 76% of our needed monthly income. This has been a huge encouragement to us as we look to head out to Vanuatu by August.
Please continue to pray with us; as Gretchen's due date comes closer; as we continue to grow our team through supports and prayer warriors.

We value you and are thrilled that you are joining with us as we seek to serve in Vanuatu.

Looking from our kitchen into the dining room/living room

Houghton cooking up a storm

Gwenny's sweet smile