Sunday, June 28, 2009

YAY but also NAY

Hey all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have reached the break. (listen carefully and you can hear me shouting for joy all the way from across the Pacific Ocean). Thank you all for praying for us this last semester. Houghton had a great semester of wisdom thrown at him and he did a fantastic job of catching a lot of it. We are STILL SO thankful for this year of school. God has grown our family through this time of stretching and we are incredibly thankful for the prayers that were lifted to the throne on our behalf: Prayers for our sanity, for our family, for Houghtons retainablity, and for our teams sustainablity!

Now for the "NAY". We have been informed that we will NOT have internet for this month. We are SUPER bummed to hear this news. We where SO hoping to catch up with you all during the break. If you would, please pray that we would get chances to get to the city and get some internet time at Maccas (or McDonalds as you so well know it as :) ).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And counting....

We have been enjoying the last few weeks of school. Well, is enjoying the right word? I suppose so. What Houghton and the rest of our teammates have been learning has been wonderful subjects and very applicable to what our future ministry may hold. SO because of THAT we can say that it has been enjoyable...but still anxious for our MONTH OFF. Only two weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some prayer

Hey there! Just asking for some prayer for a couple things. Could you be praying with us for Houghton as he is pouring himself into his studies. The days are getting longer and longer for him to be away studying and we are just entering the end of first semester. Would you pray that God would give Houghton clarity of mind and also speed as he is writing papers, working on projects, and preparing for tests all in these next two weeks.
Also pray for me and the kids to be a support to him and to utilize the time we have together as a family when Houghton is able to come home.
God has lead us to take this training and it is a thrill to be learning all that is being taught. But as we were warned, it is very stressful on our family. Thank you for praying for us and caring for us from afar!

Gretchen for us all

Snow and Rain

I took this pic outside our backdoor!

We have been seeing a lot of moisture this week. It has been good for our thirsty ground, but a bit harder on this outdoorsy family. ;) I fear that we pushed it a bit much and Addy and Gwen are now suffering some cold/fluish symptoms. We even saw hail yesterday, which really doesn't do much for me since I am fairly used to seeing hail, but the kids LOVED it. Si was pretty amazed by it all and Gwen was a bit worried. Her worried face is adorable.
Houghton has been busy busy busy in the library. He is such a dedicated student and he is doing such an awesome job pouring himself into his studies. It does get difficult as wee miss hanging out as much as we usually get to as a whole family but God is sustaining me and the kids and also Houghton as he has to say goodbye everyday to such beautiful faces! ;)
We are certainly looking forward to our MONTH off coming up in a couple weeks! YIPPEE! Time does seem to be blazing past us. I see this most in the conversations with the kids and the clever little things that they come up with.
Houghton and I have been asked to help lead the music at our church a couple times a month and we are also able to be getting into some of the children ministries. Our church body here continues to be such a blessing to us and we pray that God would use us in their lives as well!