Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well, this is a busy week for all of us isn't it. :)  Either travel, cooking, wrapping, family, preparing, or all of these tend to take up our time this week.
It has been a busy week for us too.  With all of the above going on in our household.  We are getting ready for our move back overseas ad that has been an extra boost on the "to do" lists. :)  We have been enjoying Christmas concerts from Gwen and Addy's pre-school and will get to hear Jesiah's tomorrow.  Then on Thursday we have the joy of celebrating Jesiah's 7th birthday!  Wow, time flies.

Please check out our "Praise and Prayer" tab for some current ways you can be rejoicing with us and praying with us.  Thanking God for His ultimate care and concern and involvement in our live,

Houghton, Gretchen, Jesiah, Gwenyth, and Adalaya

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Back to "settle in" for the short winter

We are back in MT now and will be sticking around here for the next 4 months until we head to Australia and then on to Vanuatu.  Our tickets are purchased for Melbourne, South Australia for the 5th of February!  We plan to visit supporters and churches in the Melbourne area for a couple weeks before heading to Vanuatu for the next 4 years.
February will come SO quickly!  We have LOTS to do before we are ready to leave the U.S. and so we are going to have kick it into high-gear (haven't we been in high gear ever since we got back in the states- LOL) to accomplish all that needs to be finalized in just 4 months.

For more details on what we will be doing in the next couple months, click on the "Newsletter" tab to read our latest Newsletter.
Here are some pics that might show you what we have been up to these past month.

Laura and I went to a medical training geared specifically for missionaries in remote places...we met up with Christina Widup who also lives in Vanuatu with her family. Here are some pics during that time...
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During the two weeks that Laura and I were in North Carolina at our medical training, Houghton was spending one week in Colorado at a solar, water, waste training with Casey.  Casey and his wife are considering partnering with us in Vanuatu.  Here are some pics from Houghton's trip.

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Just two weeks after this training ended we took off for some more training in Florida where we met up with two families interested in heading to Vanuatu.  And then to New Jersey to meet up with Casey (same Casey as in the previous slides of Hought's solar training stuff) and Val to talk to them about their interest in North Ambrym as well.

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And some family photos from our recent days

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Friday, October 21, 2011

A little bit of fun

Are we allowed that! OOOHHH yeah! :)  Just a fun little pic taken the other day for you to enjoy with us.

Monday, October 10, 2011

pumpkins fumpkins

What is it about taking a large vegetable and cutting a picture in while eating its roasted seeds that is SO stinkin fun?  I was pumped to find some little carving tools at Wal-mart the other day so I could acutally let my kids carve this year.  Last year we just made faces out of paper and yarn for hair etc.  (also we were in Vanuatu and didn't feel that we could use a source of food as a decoration).
Here are some pics of our creations.  And we plan on doing more in a week or so!  So many designs so few pumpkins! :)

 Dad's puking pumpkin
 Si and grandpa cutting out a spider
 Kids with their finished products
 Cool eh?

Monday, September 12, 2011

School already???

Wow it seems that Summer flew past!

Our summer was packed. Absolutely packed! We were able to visit each of our supporting churches and  almost ALL of our supporting friends and even got to fit in some family times too.

I am continually in awe of the constant care that God graces us with through His followers. We have been so encouraged through our times of sharing with others about what He is doing in Vanuatu and the hopeful work among the people of North Ambrym.

So whats ahead??

Gretchen and Laura will be taking off this next Sunday (18th) for some training in North Carolina.  This training is a "Missionary Medical Intensive" course that is designed just for missionaries who are in remote situations and don't have acess to hospitals etc.  It is (as it says in its title) a very intense 2 weeks where the days will be FULL of super helpful workshops including all types of medical emergency situations.  We have read one of the books already and it covered everything to flushes out foreign objects in they eye to skin grafts.  Suturing to broken bones.  Midwifery to skin issues.  LOTS of this will be very helpful to have tucked away in our brains (hopefully never to have to use) so we can be available to any who may need emergency care.   As most know Houghton is a nurse and so a lot of his training has already come in handy but we would be naive to think that he would be around all the time.  And also it will allow us to be a better help to him in case need be. SO all this said, we would HIGHLY appreciate your prayers as we take off and try to shove some important stuff in our already stuffed brains. :)
You can be praying too that I (Gretch) wouldn't miss my family terribly!  Two weeks is a LONG time!  I will be feeling it before I even hit the airport to take off for North Carolina! :)

Also during the 2 week that I am gone Houghton will be going to Colorado for a Technology training in solar, water, waste and all things pertaining to this (wow am I totally not knowledgeable in this I cannot even write about it) :) This training will be a HUGE benefit to him as he has been trying to wrap his brain around building in the bush.  We are so thankful for those who have come along side him and helped him with what they know in these areas!  It is incredibly helpful to have your support in this matter as sometimes it can feel as if we are going it alone.  You are a HUGE help to us!

If you do your math well (and I know you do!) you would figure that our kids will be parentless for a week. :)  That is where the ever faithful and even more gracious (and a little bit of crazy mixed in) grandparents come in!  What a tremendous blessing that both sets of grandparents are in the area to be so involved in our lives.  HUGE blessing.  We look forward to the relationships shared while mom and dad are away.

Please check this out for current praises and prayer requests! (click here )

Did we not get a chance to hook up with you yet and you acutally want to see us? :)  Give us a call! 406 853 6412

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some pictures of late

It has been awesome to visit many of you and share what God has been doing in Vanuatu and in our lives these last few years. What an incredible blessing to be serving with some amazing followers of Him.
Here are some pics as we have traveled here and there. :)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our video

A little video Gretchen threw together a few weeks ago. The guy singing in the beginning is from North Ambrym. He is singing a song in His language, Ral. There are about 5,000 speakers of Ral in North Ambrym who do not understand the the words of Christ in their own language. Please pray as we continue to prepare to return to North Ambrym and continue our work. They would describe our work like this, 'Turn God's talk into Ral'.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What now?

Enjoying a day of uninterrupted work. :) The kids are spending the weekend with grandpa and grandma Richards in Terry, MT. Hought and I were talking about the last time that we experienced this. And we figured that we never have. We couldn't think of a time when we had the whole weekend to just us at the house to get stuff done. Or not get anything done. :) That was our options. :) So we are doing a little bit of both. We are working on getting some tax stuff done. A sideshow full of just pics of our best from the last 3 years. And well, you get the point.

We had an awesome time at Frontier School of the Bible. We were able to meet with students who are interested in missions whether it was through encouraging missionaries or through going into missions themselves. What a joy to see the enthusiasm and passion in these students. God used this week to encourage us greatly. We were also able to spend time with friends that we haven't been able to spend time with in a long time.

Some pics from our trip

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We also go to go and see our family in South Dakota. 

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Heading off to FSB

Houghton, Addy and I all have the chance to hang out on the Frontier School of the Bible campus for this next week.  FSB organizes two missions conferences a year, one in each semester and we are thrilled that we get to participate this year.
Our family has been able to communicate with some of the students through Prayer Bands (students meet for prayer during designated chapel times to pray for specific alumni who are involved in missions) and also through AMOOK (Advancing Missions On Our Knees).  There was also a small group of students that chose Vanuatu and our ministry specifically to use as a case study for a missions trip.  So we have joyfully been involved in the students lives for the last couple years, which makes this trip in person to be even more fun.
Houghton will be speaking at two different times (formally).  And then we will always be around and available to any and all who would have questions about... well .... WHATEVER.  :) SO we are excited to see what God may have in store for us there BUT more importantly what He has in store for His kingdom through those He will be leading into missions.  I have outlined some prayer points for you to keep us in prayer in our "Praise and Prayer" tab on top.  Click here to check that out.
My mom and dad will be keeping Si and Gwen fed and washed (and well, much more than that...) while we are away.  As I said in the first sentence, Addy will be coming with us.  She is (wow, I hope this to be true anyway lol) a bit more "controllable" in these types of settings.  AND she doesn't have school to keep her in Miles City. SO we are able to bring her sweetness along with us. :) 

Enjoy this smilebox of our goings on these past weeks. :)
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Saturday, January 01, 2011


We have safely arrived in our blustery, blistery, snowy home for the year.  As I sit here and type Hought and I think about how we REALLY need to get outside and shovel.  Amazingly enough, I am actually looking forward to it.  We will see how long before I change my mind. :)  SO,  without further ado, I am going to go and shovel for the first time in almost 4 years! :)

I wanted to post a quick message to let you all know that we will be updating our blog (this here contraption that you are now reading :) ) and our facebook pics as soon as we get my computer connected to the internet.  BAH humbug, oh the joys of my little Mac. ;)

I hope to do that this weekend.  SO HANG IN THERE, that is if you are even hanging. :)

Happy New Year!