Care Packages

We have been so blessed by care packages in the past.  So I start this page out by saying "thank you" for even considering sending us a piece of love from wherever you are. :) 

Here are some ideas of things that came across our minds as we live day by day in Vanuatu.  Also please see below on HOW TO SEND A PACKAGE to us.

*Something personally from you
   -A family picture (this also REALLY helps our kids to keep your face in their minds and help them picture WHO it is from)
   -A note, drawing, etc. from your kids to ours OR from you to our kids

*Food items
   - Chocolate chips all flavors
   - dried apricots, craisins, mango, apple etc
   - flavored powder coffee creamer
   - oreos
   - any kind of candy or chocolate
   - Wheat Thins
   - Goldfish crackers
   - Cinnamon Bears
   - Fruit Snacks
   - M&M's
   - Crystal Light
   - Enchiladas Seasoning package
   - Ranch seasoning packets
   - Parmesan cheese
   - popcorn seasoning salt

*Medical items
   - Fabric bandaids
   - EmergenC drink powder
   - Airborn - berry flavor
   - Liquid Tylenol , Ibuprofen, Allergy

*Kids stuff
 - Books
 - Kaiden enjoys anything in the transportation catagory i.e. cars, trains, planes, etc.
 - Toothbrushes/ floss
 - Fingernail polish
 - Fun Journals/notebooks

 - Cheap memory stick full of any new music
 - Beth Moore Bible studies
 - Bible/devotional studies that God has used in your lives
 - Bath and Body body spray (any scent)
 - Smelly Body Wash
 - Seasonal candles (it is SO nice to have smells that remind us of the holidays...i.e. evergreen during Christmas etc.)

ALSO - there are times that we actually have something that we have already purchased and just need it shipped to us. So please ask if you find you have room in a package and we could just ship something from an online purchase to fit in your package and get it to us that way.

How to send stuff:
1.  Easiest and perhaps cheapest ( and I use that word very loosly!)  from the US tends to be to send things in a flat-rate box USPS.  Send to:
Houghton Richards
c/o SIL
PO Box 174
Port Vila
VANUATU, South Pacific

2.  You'll have to fill out a customs form since it's an overseas shipment.  This requires an inventory.  The more general, the better.  If you are able to keep the overall contents total below $70 it is better or we have to pay duty fees in order to "import" the box.

3.  If you're unsure of anything, just e-mail and ask.