Our Family


Family Background:
I am the first born to Timothy and Karen Richards. I have one brother, Timothy Richards, and one sister, Bethany Richards. I was born in Los Angeles, CA November 3, 1979. I spent 13 years in Redwood City, CA before moving to Terry, MT in 1993.  

School Background:
I attended school from 1st through 8th grade in Redwood City, CA before moving to Terry, MT and completing high school there. The next 3 1/2 years were spent at college in Miles City, MT working on a Registered Nursing degree. After graduating from Nursing school I attended Briercrest Bible College for the fall semester, 2002, working on a degree in Theology and intercultural studies. In the fall of 2003 I continued my studies at Frontier School of the Bible working on a Biblical studies degree with an emphasis in theology, missions, and pastoral studies.  
Since completing under graduate studies in Nursing and Theology, I have completed a two year internship at Grace Bible Church in Miles City, MT and have attended SIL Australia to receive a Graduate Diploma in Language Description and Development.
I have committed to actively being a life long learner and have been researching seminaries and schools of theology that will work with me while overseas in Vanuatu. 

God began a good work in me when I was living in Redwood City, CA. I attended Redwood City Baptist Church and was a result of the bus ministry that aimed to pick up hundreds of kids for Sunday school. While attending Sunday school at a young age God gave me understanding and a desire to know and trust in Him. Since then i have nothing but the faithfulness of God to boast in.

Family Background:
I was the second child to Dave and Lynn Thulesen. Their first baby, Laura, was born in Miles City, MT in 1978 and I, the last baby, came on April the 8th in 1982. Therefore, Laura and I are four years apart in age. I was the more physical and outgoing child whereas Laura was the more reflective and devious, so our arguments where probably quite humorous to see.
The relationship with my sister has changed throughout the years. Throughout childhood we pretty much did our own thing. We were quite different in personalities which caused us to not have much in common. It is just in the past 5 years that we have started to have a closer relationship. I love being with her and hanging out. Our relationship is continuing to grow and she is a wonderful asset to my children’s lives! I am honored and thrilled to be sharing our ministry with her and am excited to be working along side her to further the kingdom of God through reaching Ni-Vanuatu for Christ!

School Background:
I attended grade school, middle school, and high school, all in Miles City, MT. When in my junior year I recommitted my life to God and have strived to live a life of influence since that time.
I was involved in music throughout school and in High School became introduced to classical voice and found my nitch. This later led me to search out secondary schools that would cater to a vocal performance degree. After thoroughly looking at various Christian universities I submitted a vocal tape to a large college in hopes to receive a vocal scholarship. I didn’t receive that scholarship and so I was devastated and ended up attending Miles Community College while I sorted out my thoughts on where to apply next. It was during my first year there that I met Houghton, who was also attending MCC.

How Houghton and I met: through my eyes ;)
Houghton and I met through church and ultimately through my fathers college and career Bible Study. I distinctly remember seeing Houghton and another guy for the first time at our church while I was singing with the song team. After the service I invited the two of them to our Sunday school class and then later to our Bible Study. Houghton was intriguing to me. It is rare to find a young guy who is interested in spiritual things and especially one who was living a Godly life!
We dated for a year and a half before we were married. We both were growing in the Lord and were seeking his will for our lives. We attended Bible school for the first three years of our marriage and Jesiah came (December 22, 2006)  at the end of that third year.

After graduating we moved to Miles City to build relationships with our home church (we were at this point convinced that we were going to be overseas missionaries and wanted very much to have a good relationship with those that would be on our team in the states).
Gwen was born (September 14th, 2006) the second year we were in Montana.

  Adalaya was born (March 22nd, 2008) while we were raising support in Idaho.

Kaiden was born (November 27th, 2013) in Australia.