Sunday, June 24, 2007

Homeschooling Conference

Last weekend, Houghton and I got to attend a two day convention for parents who are homeschooling. Because I will be homeschooling our children in Vanuatu, we thought it would be beneficial to get some ideas, incite, and frankly...motivation for homeschooling. I have been quite apprehensive and frustrated with the whole idea of teaching our kids at home. Because we probably will not have much options for schooling, Houghton and I thought that homeschooling was the best, if not the only way to go.

All this being said...I had yet to get excited about it all. But I have to say that because of our time in Great Falls, Montana at the conference, I am much more at ease about homeschooling and also excited about it! This was a huge answer to prayer! Thank you to you all who were praying for us as we were at the convention. Houghton also got a lot out of the speakers and sessions and he too is excited about having the opportunity to teach our children at home.

I haven't driven that route (to Great Falls) very often and we really loved enjoying Gods creation as we drove! It was absolutely beautiful!

We also saw the PERFECT Oreo cow and its Oreo baby! So cool! ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Video - Our Future

Video - our future
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Today I was checking up on how our blog and website where looking and where we could make improvements etc. As I clicked on our "cluster map" that is located to the right (near the bottom) I was brought to tears. I am so amazed at the locations around the world that happened across our blog. In some of the counties I have an idea who has visited our site but in others, I am clueless and wonder, what brought them here to our blog? God is doing incredible things around the world and I cannot wait to see people of another tribe and tongue have the opportunity to speak the name of Christ in their own language with an understanding of who He is and what He has done for THEM! God is SO WORLD minded....I find such frustrations with some who only have an American minded view. God desires the WHOLE WORLD to know Him and I ask you if that is your desire as well? May I challenge you with that.

Maybe the whole reason why you ended up on this blog is because you too, like Christ, are world minded....

To all of you out there in the other parts of the world who read our blog...THANK YOU for the encouragement you have been to me today!

~ Gretchen

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Visiting the Vacation Bible School in Coalwood, MT

We were featured as the missionaries for the VBS in Coalwood for the whole week! We were able to go and show our video and share a bit about our recent trip to Vanuatu and why we are going there as missionaries.

These are GREAT kids and it was a tremendous blessing to hang out with them on Wednesday this week.

They had a program to invite their families to see what they had been working on and learning the past week. We were able to attend this and sing a Vanuatu song with the kids for their families. The theme was "Armor of God" and it was fabulous to see their armor and all that they learned. The teachers did a great job writing their own curriculum to instill awesome Biblical truths into these young lives!