Saturday, December 29, 2007

Off to get some learn'in

I (Gretchen) and my sister Laura are off tomorrow to Portland, OR to take some language acquisition tests through SIL (a branch of Wycliffe Bible Translators). I am looking forward to the week for a number of reasons. * I will get a good idea of what Bible translation will look like
* I will see what skills I can bring to the table and what areas I could use more study in
* I will be getting somewhat of a break from my normal schedule of taking care of my home and family

I have never been a great fan of "school-ish" things so I ask for prayer that God would use this time to grow my mind for His glorious Name's sake! Please pray that I will have a learning spirit and that I will be able to think like a grown up for a whole week! I feel like I have been thinking like a baby/toddler for the last couple years and so my mind needs some tuning up! ;)

Please also pray for Houghton and the kids back in Montana. That they would get healthy (they are all battling being sick) and that God would also use this time to grow each of those relationships!

We are grateful to you!

Our small group visits

Small group meeting at Shawn and Candice Kelly's home

Grace Bible mens Bible Study

Small group meeting at Pat and Lori Linger's home

Small group meeting at Clyde and Kathy Leischner's home

Grace Bible Church ladies Bible Study

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What we have been up to lately...

This past month has been a time of refreshment as we have been in Miles City a majority of the time!  We have taken these two-ish months to connect with the great believers of our sending church, Grace Bible Church.  It has been awesome to finally sit down with these people and share in a small group context in order to better answer questions and explain our ministry in full.  We have been blessed by the interest and encouragement coming our way and are amazed to see God working through this community to impact a small group of islands across the world!  Praise God.  How humbling to be a part of this work!

Grace Bible Church home Bible study lead by Kenny Stabler

Grace Bible Church Women's Bible study led by Carol Rainey

Grace Bible Church home Bible study lead by Jeff Johnstone