Monday, July 31, 2006


As the title alludes to, the BMW (Biblical Ministries Worldwide) inquisition is over. The questioning, poking, prodding, etc. Has had its season and we have survived. The picture that you see is the group of men, the board, that made the final decision in determining our fate. Their professions range from Lawyers, Pastors, business men, retired, etc.

At the end of the three week interview and training sessions, BMW decided to accept us as missionaries representation our sending church, Grace Bible Church. In return Gretchen and I accepted their invitation to join them. To better understand the relationship between BMW, GBC, and US please refer to If you still have questions please just ask

We are now in Montana and trying to get back into a regular routine. Jesiah is doing well and has enjoyed being with his "grama and grampa" again. Gretchen is now 8 months pregnant and preparing for our second child. She is also preparing for another season of voice lessons. I am working at the hospital and going to be leading Bible studies through 1st John and Acts. I may also be starting a college group at the local college in town. I hope to partner with a friend, Ty.

Ok, enough about that stuff. Now to the meat and potatoes. Last week we sent out an urgent prayer request. If you did not get it, it is probably because we don't have your email address. If you would like to receive our regular updates and prayer requests please just email your email address to The urgent prayer request was about a potential team that we would minister with. As it was common in scripture for Christ, Paul, Peter, etc. To serve as a team, BMW encourages and infact requires all Missionaries with them to serve a particular people group as a team for accountability, support, encouragement, etc. We asked for you to pray for us because the potential teammates plan to serve a different people group than the ones that we have been praying and preparing for.

We have been praying and preparing for the people of Mozambique, Africa. The people that our potential teammates plan to serve are in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu. The people in both countries are black, tribal, live in malaria infested territories and speak an average of 2 - 4 languages. Needless to say, the physical difficulties of either ministry is very difficult not to mention the spiritual and cultural differences that would need to be addressed. We have not made a decision yet and are continuing to pray and seek counsel about it. At this time we are referring to the options as plan A, Mozambique, and plan B, Vanuatu. At this time we are just taking one step at a time in whatever way the Spirit leads.

As God continues to unravel His will to us we will continue to be 100% available and willing to go wherever He leads without reservation or hidden motives. Thank you so very much for your interest in what God is doing in and through us. By us I meen Me, Gretchen and all of you. Christ has promised that He will build His Church and we are all testimony of that. Praise God that He has gifted and led us into so many different areas and times of life. He calls us The Body and none of us are independent from the body. Gretchen and I are very dependent upon you, your prayer, support, encouragement, etc. And we must all be dependent upon our Lord and savior, who is the Head of our body, Jesus Christ. Please continue to partner with us as we continue to be obedient to God in the service of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the utter most parts of the world. Let the nations be glad.


1. That we would be obedient and faithfully.
2. That we would have no hidden motives or selfish ambitions.
3. That we would not allow fear of pain or material loss to hinder us.
4. That we would be holy living sacrifices to God as a savoring aroma.
5. That we would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
6. That we would be servants, testimony, salt and light when and wherever God would have us.
7. For Gretchen's second pregnancy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Im sitting on the out side deck of the two-story house that we are staying in during our time in Georgia. Don't let the two-story part fool you about the comfort of our stay. We are living with fifteen other individuals in the same house. That means 18 people can be running around using the bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc. at any given time. 21 individuals ate supper at our house this evening. We are actually enjoying it very much. As mentioned in prior bloggs it has been a huge blessing to be surrounded by individuals sold out to and for the Glory of God. There is nothing like doing what God has created you to do. Praise, worship, and ultimatley glorify Him.

We got to go to the Atlanta Zoo today. We had a very good time. We went with a young couple and thier son Josiah. They are being led to plant churches in Argentina. The zoo boasts over 1,000 animals. We got to see most but not all the animals because it was realy hot and humid. The little ones and i guess i could say the older ones were just absolutley miserable. All and all it was a good time. Jesiah Is starting to teeth again so that was an added bonus to his day. :).
As you can see i entitled this post MOZAMBIQUE. If you don't have a clue where to find it on a map that is ok most don't. It is just north east of South Africa. We have been asking God if he would like us to go there for quite sometime. When gretchen and I were going through Bible College and even before we were married we always prayed and talked about the possability of going to the deepest darkest country that God could lead us to. We believe that Mozambique just MAY BE the answer to our prayers, and God's will for us at this time, only TIME WILL TELL.

Before I go on please let me clarify, "answer to our prayers". Some assume that Gretchen and are just peculiar people and that we can't wait to be misserable for God. We often hear comments like, "Im glad God hasn't given me that desire." or "here I am Lord send them." :). We do not have a desire to suffer, be misserable, die, lose eachother or our children, get sick, get malaria, etc. Jesus never asked us to desire that and i am very happy that he did not. However He did tell us to count the cost to serve Him. He asked us to take up our cross. He asked us to die and allow Him to live through us. He told us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. He told us not to be entangled by the sins that so easlily entagle us. He aked us to be good soldiers not taken by worldly affairs. He asked us to store our treasures in heaven and not on earth. He instructed us that beauty is fleeting but the Word of God is eternal. He instructed us that life is a vapor, here then gone.

We don't want to suffer we just want to be in the center of what God is doing. So here is what God is doing and how we believe that he wants us to be a part of it. God commanded us to glorify Him with our bodies (I Corinthians 6:19). He aked us to give Him our bodies as a Holy and living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). We have offered our young bodies as holy sacrifices. The fact is God wants people saved in Mozambique. It is a fact that a young body can do alot of what an older body can not. The ministry that can be done in Mozambique is demanding physicaly, emotionaly and spiritualy. It is a fact that we are young, dumb and being led by the creator of Heavan and earth to go, baptize, disciple, and train leader in the Grace and truth of His Word.

It can easliy be assumed that because we believe that we are being led in this way that we are 100% comfortable and filled with Joy. The truth this is not the plan we had for our lives but, it is the plan that God has for bondservant that have offered, freely, thier bodies as living and holy sacrifices pleasing and glorifying to Him. We do not have it all figured out. We are just taking one step at a time prayerfully and carefully. This is the way the Lord leads one step at a time.

We ask for your prayer in the following areas:
1. That God would give us the faith and obediance to be Holy Sacrifices because God can not accept a sacrifice that is blemished. It would be vanity to offer ourselves blemished.
2. That we would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
3. That we would live our lives pleasing to Him.
4. That we would serve you and meet you in the area that you most need help in. Please leave prayer request @ or i believe you can leave a comment that is not avaliable to the public on this site. Or you can just leave an anonymous request.

This is it for now. If you have any questions or comment please ask. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week two

For those interested i posted the link to the mission organization that we are applying to above. The agency is very solid in all areas. As their motto is they assist churches to plant churches around the world. Grechen and I are in full agreement with their philosophy and methods of ministry.

We are in week two and the food is still awsome. I made a vow to myself that i would return to Montana in better shape than when i left. Well, i started strong but I am worried that i am going to make a liar out of myself to myself again. We will see :). There are a number of new families this week. They are all realy nice and very focused. It is very encouraging to be around so many like minded families and individuals. It almost seems like what we are doing is the norm. God continues to reafirm his call and leading of Gretchen and I to His service wherever He leads. As we are leaning the responsibility of the call and leading is costly. As is apropriatley stated there is no such thing as worship without sacrifice. Our prayer is that our lives and every step we take is in worship of Jesus Christ. Hence we are learning to sacrifice daily. It realy isn't all that bad as long as it is one day at a time. The concept and practice of this type of worship and devotion to Christ is most challenging when anticipating the future steps of sacrifices that are uneskapable. Well i got to get to bed. There will be more on this tomarrow. I would love to discuss this with all who are interested so please comment. Have a Goodnight.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hello Hello

Here we are. We are in Georgia at candidate school for Biblical Ministries Worldwide. God is answering so many questions and encouraging us in so many ways. We have had the oppurtunity to meet our anticipated area director for Africa and have enjoyed the fellowship with the Brown family. We are in a classroom for about 6 hours a day and have an average of 2 hours of homework a night. Jesiah is coping well. He loves the weather and being outside. The food is awsome and there is always enough. Well we gotta go. We will be updating this blog frequently so please enjoy and don't be shy. In other words leave comments :).