Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our final small groups for Boise, ID

God blessed our time in Boise and we are so grateful to all those who invited us into their home group to share about what God is doing in Vanuatu! Thank you to all!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cloth Diaper Diaries

So there are a few new things that I have adopted as a mommy for the third time. In some ways it is like having my firstborn over again because I am doing these new things. One of these new things is cloth diapers and using a sling to hold Addy.

Cloth diapers are the best option for Vanuatu. They will not only save us money here in the states and Australia but also save us the headache of shipping enough over in our container for Vanuatu and then also figuring out what the best way of disposing of them would be while we are there. SO... we have moved to cloth. The good old fashion square "pre-folds" of old with some diaper covers that have been perfected and are awesome at actually doing their job. YAY. Addy has been in cloth ever since her belly button healed (about two weeks now) and I have not had to change any blow outs yet...(can you hear all the moms cheering?)

I have also been having Addy in a sling most of the day. She LOVES to sleep in it and it has been super helpful when we are out of the house (which seems to be a lot). I was able to get some help from Amber Jones (our teammate) and also online to be able to make some of my own. These were my first sewing experience and they actually work. Oh yeah!
In Vanuatu the women are constantly carrying their babies. We realized this when we went to visit last year. It will help protect Addy from all the hundreds of diseases that are rampant and usually picked up off the ground. SO, I am excited that Addy is getting used to it (and me too for that matter) before we are over in Vanuatu and faced with OTHER lifestyle changes!

I am stuffing envelopes to send out our newsletters...all the while holding a sleeping Addy.

This is Addy at her first movie. Houghton and I's last date night in Boise. :( sad... We could actually go to a movie for $2.50!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boise home groups

God has still been faithful to fill our time up while here in Boise. Here are some pic's from a couple of the home groups that we were able to share at.

This group has committed to faithfully pray for us and have "adopted" us as their missionaries.
We thank God for His leading and gracious hand in this orchestration.
Home group from Calvary Chapel, Boise

Home group from Calvary Chapel, Boise