Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting to our new home in Boise, ID

We left for Boise on Friday and spent that night in Bozeman, MT with Lindsey Wilkerson to break our trip up a bit. God gave us safe roads and relatively clear mountain passes. We were a bit nervous about the weather but we made it to Boise in only 9 hours from Bozeman. The kids did fairly good. Despite the one episode of puke just after we left Bozeman Saturday morning provided by Gwenny. The poor thing. Thank you for your prayers for our saftey! We will post pics of our new home when we post here next time!!!

Gwenny peaking from under her blanket. We use this blanket to make her ride darker for nap time.

Gwenny getting spoiled by Daddy in the backseat

Enjoying her brief backseat drive

Our last small group visit for Miles City...for now!

Small group led by Herb and Pat Mackey

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Livin and Lovin It

A couple days have past since Laura and I (Gretchen) got back from some pre-training in what our job as Bible translators will look like. We were able to spend one whole week under some amazing Wycliffe teachers/missionaries who where able to impart some knowledge on the translating subject.
I walked away a lot more aware of my stupidity. :) Isn't that amazing how some subjects can do that!? But as a result, I am a lot more aware of what translating takes and I am pumped about schooling that we are going to be able to receive next year.
We are finalizing some schooling options that will take us to Australia in January 2009 for a year and then back to Vanuatu. Our schooling would be through SIL and be in literacy and linguistics. It seems that the training is quite intense and pumps you out a "translator" a year later. Although the work really belongs to the Lord, the tools that this school will be teaching us is INVALUABLE. We are thrilled that SIL is willing to train us although we are not officially Wycliffe missionaries.
Here are some pics from Laura and I's trip :

Laura and I in front of an awesome full-room mural in the Wycliffe conference room

The group that attended Total It Up
For a class we spent time each day with a language teacher who was a native speaker in a different language. I was in a group with Max who is Indonesian.
Laura and I accidentally took THIS road...we only lost control of our car once :) It took us 5 hours to drive about 200 miles...the view was fabulous though!