Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week two


For those interested i posted the link to the mission organization that we are applying to above. The agency is very solid in all areas. As their motto is they assist churches to plant churches around the world. Grechen and I are in full agreement with their philosophy and methods of ministry.

We are in week two and the food is still awsome. I made a vow to myself that i would return to Montana in better shape than when i left. Well, i started strong but I am worried that i am going to make a liar out of myself to myself again. We will see :). There are a number of new families this week. They are all realy nice and very focused. It is very encouraging to be around so many like minded families and individuals. It almost seems like what we are doing is the norm. God continues to reafirm his call and leading of Gretchen and I to His service wherever He leads. As we are leaning the responsibility of the call and leading is costly. As is apropriatley stated there is no such thing as worship without sacrifice. Our prayer is that our lives and every step we take is in worship of Jesus Christ. Hence we are learning to sacrifice daily. It realy isn't all that bad as long as it is one day at a time. The concept and practice of this type of worship and devotion to Christ is most challenging when anticipating the future steps of sacrifices that are uneskapable. Well i got to get to bed. There will be more on this tomarrow. I would love to discuss this with all who are interested so please comment. Have a Goodnight.

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