Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As you have noticed things have been a little quite on the old blogg until the birth of Gwenyth. What other way to break the silence than by writing about the new life that God has graciously ushered into the world.

There is a reason for the silence and I will attempt to briefly explain it without boring you to death. Though, please be assured that Gretchen and I have been everything but bored during the last few months, between the last blog entry about the direction of our ministry until now. It may do you well to read the last blogg entry dated July 30th 2006 Sunday. Its title was Inquisition.

And now to the point. Gretchen and I have made a decision. It was not an easy decision to make. We sought Godly council by way of family, friends, Pastors, teachers, missionaries, and of course prayer and reading God's Word. At first I was concerned that circumstances alone were leading us in a particular direction, namely Vanuatu. To be fair Gretch and I had to consider the fact that circumstances alone do not equate God's leading or will. All the stars just seemed to line up with no difficulty whatsoever and that alone caused me to hesitate and proceed with caution. My heart still remained in Africa but, in all fairness I had to also accept the fact that my emotions and desires do not dictate the will of God either.

So there we were. What were we to do. We first informed our leadership in Africa and Georgia of our dilemma. They were very helpful and encouraging during the decision process. Gretch and I have over the months grown to respect and be emotionally and prayerfully apart of their ministry in Africa. We were beginning to know individuals by name and fantasize about our future ministy and involvement there.

We were then wisely instructed to passively accept the invitation to Vanuatu and to tell no one about it for a time. We followed that council and waited to see what would happen. Long story short God continued to lead us to Vanuatu through a barrage of confirmations that would take way to much time to type. So again long story short Vanuatu is the decision.

In conclusion we faced a real tough decision. It was one of the first times God has presented us with that type of decision and if was not easy. To want one thing and be led to another was very hard and abstract to anything that we have ever face here in the states. So often we live by the idea that if I want it or have the ability to do it God must have given me the desire for it or given me the ability to do it so here I go. That couldn't be any further than the truth. We praise Him for His leading and faithfulness when we have been faithless.

Our hearts are still very much apart of the ministry in Africa and we have committed to continue to be apart of that ministry by way of prayer and gifts. I would encourage any readers to do the same. The ministry opportunities in Africa are endless. The epidemics existence today include aids, war, poverty, genocide, starvation, orphans, not to mention the spiritual depravity, etc. If you would like more information on how to be apart of what God is Doing in Africa please write to us at hi_its_us@hotmail.com or post a comment.

If you would like to be apart of what God is doing in Vanuatu please stay tuned to this blog and you can write us or post a comment.

Till all the nations are glad in Him...


Anonymous said...

wow guys, i will continue to be in prayer for your family and the work God is laying on your hearts!!

no matter where you end up, i can come visit right? haha that would be so cool!

Anonymous said...

its harmony by the way:)