Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sharing about our trip

We are scheduled to talk about our trip to Vanuatu on Wednesday at 6:30 in Miles City, MT at Grace Bible Church. We hope to be answering some of the following:

Why Vanuatu?
Why are you missionaries?
When are you going?
How long are you planning to stay there?
Are your kids going with you?
What is Vanuatu like; socially, linguistically, economically, religiously, etc.?
Are you going there by yourselves?


If you can come we would LOVE to answer any questions you have.

We will be showing pics and video from our resent trip and Houghton will be sharing a bit from the Word and Gretchen will also be sharing through song.

We hope to see YOU there!!!

If you cannot come or do not live in Miles...but would like for us to come to YOUR city, let us know and we will try to hook up with your church to share with your congregation. Just let us know!!

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Joel & Amanda said...

Hey, heard the meeting at Grace was good. We believe in you guys and want to support as best we can! We admire your sacrifice and fervency to take the Gospel to the people of Vanuatu! To God be the Glory! We love you guys! Joel & Amanda
Romans 1:16-17