Monday, November 19, 2007

Beach, ND and Buffalo, MT

On Sunday the 4th, we had a short drive (only 2 1/2 hours) to Beach, ND to the Beach Evangelical Church. A year ago Houghton had the opportunity to fill the pulpit at this church as it searched for a pastor so we had a previous contact with the congregation. Laura was able to join us for this trip to present with us the work God is desiring us to do in Vanuatu.

We were able to talk with some tremendous people in Beach and also got a helpful contact with a gracious woman who has a lot of experience raising goats, which is an animal we are hoping to have while in Vanuatu to help with our dietary needs. Although we know NOTHING of goat farming, God has been so good to bring people to us to help us with this knowledge and better prepare us.

We left for Buffalo, MT on the 10th to meet up with the Osmundson family. Ryan and Jessica were classmates of Laura's while attending MWSB and they are involved in the Buffalo Community Church.

We shared Sunday morning for the congregation at Buffalo Community Church. We were joyously encouraged by those interested in what God was doing with our family as we look work across the world in the South Pacific.

The spacious town of Buffalo

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