Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting to our new home in Boise, ID

We left for Boise on Friday and spent that night in Bozeman, MT with Lindsey Wilkerson to break our trip up a bit. God gave us safe roads and relatively clear mountain passes. We were a bit nervous about the weather but we made it to Boise in only 9 hours from Bozeman. The kids did fairly good. Despite the one episode of puke just after we left Bozeman Saturday morning provided by Gwenny. The poor thing. Thank you for your prayers for our saftey! We will post pics of our new home when we post here next time!!!

Gwenny peaking from under her blanket. We use this blanket to make her ride darker for nap time.

Gwenny getting spoiled by Daddy in the backseat

Enjoying her brief backseat drive

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Colleen said...

Don't know if my original post came through . . I got an error. But this is Colleen your Boise "landlady"
I forgot to get your phone number from Houghton and it would be good to have. So, just leave it on my cell
God bless you guys