Thursday, February 14, 2008

Loving what God can do!

We have continuously been experiencing God's blessings through you all. We feel wrapped in prayer and encouragement and are humbled to be your teammate in this amazing work God has called us to! As each day passes, we are brought closer to our departure date for Vanuatu! Although that date is yet to be nailed down, we see God pulling things together to bring that date closer and it becomes more of a reality in our lives.
Jim Elliot stated so wisely, "Wherever you are, be all there." Houghton likes to add, "Whenever you are, be ever there" (meaning: being completely invested where you are knowing that the time allotted to us is precious, fleeting, and unpredictable).
God has given this time in Boise to us to be tools used by Him in ways beyond ourselves. We are grateful for every opportunity we have to share about the work in Vanuatu and for every opportunity we have to serve the Body of Christ here in Idaho. Whether it is MT, ID, or Vanuatu, we are to be all there in service and heart and this has been a challenge and a blessing to us! Pray with us as we seek out more worshipers who God is desiring to use in Vanuatu on our team of supporters!

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