Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some more pics to end out the month

After a walk. Caught Addy in a yawn.

Playing with babies while "watching a movie". :) Gwen doesn't sit still for long. Hehe.

Walking down to a store for meat pies. A traditional Aussie meal.

ADDY'S WALKING! I love it. Even now that she has been walking for about a week, she still has this look on her face while she is walking that says, "Whoa, am I really doing this!"

Grandpa and Grandma Richards sent egg dying kits. Which was AWESOME. Aparently Australia doesn't have the fancy kits like we grew up with and loved! THANKS!

Naturally there must be a little bit of body painting going on when you paint with toddlers!

Jesiah's spiderman egg.

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