Monday, August 10, 2009

Is it seriously August?!!!

The kids got some beanie baby animals in a package and loved them. ;)HAHA. The kids got some "Fruit by the foot" fruit roll ups in a package and couldn't figure out how they were suppose to eat them. It was hilarious!

Tania, Laura and I taught 1st and 2nd grade VBS. This is me teaching them the memory verse.

Houghton and Jim ran the "sport" portion of VBS

Gwen playing in creche (nursery) during the VBS

Si was old enough to participate in the 3's and 4's class

Addy enjoyed seeing mom after a day without her. :) I guess it was mutual.

Helping Lillian show the church what the creche (nursery) kids were learning in children's church. I don't know many people who actually organize a class for the nursery kids. Lillian was SO awesome at teaching this class on creation.

Addy enjoys herself, as you can see. ;)

Six of us ladies got together one Saturday to make skirts for sending in boxes for Opporation Christmas Child. We made 45 skirts!!!!

Since my talent as sewing is less than my talent at ironing... I gladly ironed!

I love these beautiful girls. Us hanging out at....wait for it.... a CHOCOLATE CAFE!!

Kids happily receiving a package from the states!

A visit with friends that Laura and Tania met at a Coptic church observation for class last sememster. We have been able to hang out with them a bit and really enjoy their friendship.

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Krista Motsinger said...

I love catching up on all the great stuff going on in your lives!!! Praying for you!