Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gwenyth turned 3!

 This last Monday (14th)  we got to celebrate Gwen's life for another year.  What an amazing blessing her life has been.  Here are some pictures for you to get a glimpse of her day.  Wish you all could have joined the celebrations with us! :)

Amber made Gwen's hair look so lovely!!!

Gwen was making funny noises coming down to show dad her hair

She had a pink butterfly party.  So I made butterfly cakes, we had little glittery butterflies all over the house (and still do I might add).  Laura was helping me get it all organized.  I wasn't sure what the weather might do (here in Melbourne it changes a million times a day) so I was ready for the party to be inside the house if need be.

The weather was WONDERFUL praise God.  So we were able to hang out in the yard.

 A friend from church Marie-Clare, volunteered to do face painting!  What an awesome gift that was!  It was a HUGE hit.  Naturally Gwenny got a butterfly.
How cute is this face!?

Si was a snake!

 Addy got a rainbow.
A friend, Asha, had a princess crown.

Katelyn with a rooster (a very creative one!  Way to go Marie-Clare!)

Josh was Bumblebee the transformer

Grace, a snow leapord

Piper, a cat

Sorin, a monkey

Zoe, had flowers on each cheek.

 My beautiful little girlies! 

Si and Asha eating cake together.  I thought this was a cute moment.  I love that they just ate it off the ground like that!  Well with plates. :)

Blowing those 3 candles out!  With some help from dad.

Our little birthday girl.


Krista Motsinger said...

Such a beautiful family! Happy Birthday Gwen! U are so beautiful!!

The Kenners said...

so beautiful! ...Gwenny, the butterflies, the day, everything =)

Sojourner said...

Wow! This technology is be able to keep up with all of you. Gwen is a miniature cute. Happy Birthday, Gwen.

Sojourner said...

Opps! The Sojourner is me, Diane Welna.