Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School has finished

Well, God brought us through!  Houghton finished is last class on Thursday and graduation was Friday afternoon.  We have been enjoying having him home!  This year has been so "full on" that it is a bit weird to have some down time (well sort of - since we are moving its not really "down").  We are enjoying the amazing weather and amazing blessing of family, three wonderful kids who are thrilled to have dad around, and the anticipated get together with friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Since pictures is what you all probably want.. :) pictures is what you get.  BUT if you DO want some more info... I will hopefully will you all in with our upcoming newsletter. ;) 

We have LOVED going on bike rides.  Si is able to ride by himself with his bike and we are borrowing this handy little bike carrier thing for the girls!  Gotta love Gwen's expression here. ;)

Si is quite a little cricket/baseball player.  Which game he is playing depends on if it is me or dad bowling/or pitching the ball for him. :)

Houghton recently celebrated his 30th birthday.

Si and Gwen at family camp. We went for a short weekend with almost all of our church body.  What a blessing that weekend was to our little family!

We set up our hammock to enjoy some relaxation. 

Addy, Alana, and Gwen

Our little family

The water was cold, but somehow it really doesn't even matter when you are camping! ;)

Gwen sporting daddy's aussie cowboy hat

Si had this little bug for a friend all day.  Thankfully it was happy to hang out on his finger as he went about his day.

Tania and I before our end of the school banquet

Making baked apples

Houghton at graduation

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Daiquiri said...

Look how BIG your kiddos have gotten!