Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moving right along.

   Ahhhh.  Kids are outside playing and I can hear them sometimes off in the distance as Hought and I sit here and massively update everything digital. :)  Facebook, websites (yes that is plural as we have started a new one to be for our WHOLE team and not just our family), blogs, newsletters blah blah blah.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to write and get connected with the rest of the world all through one little machine here as I sit in our little bedroom.  How absolutly amazing it is to have Internet in our lives.  BUT it does get time consuming and I am so sorry for lagging behind on my journaling through blogger and also our blog updates.  I have to say that Facebook does get most of our time SO if you are a digital girl (or boy) in our digital world... get on Facebook! :)  BUT I promise to keep updating all of our little avenues of communication just because I love to please the masses. :)
   Today is SUCH a beautiful relief.  It has been insanely humid and hot lately and today it rained all night (well no surprise there.. it usually does which i LOVE because it is so awesome to hear) and then it was cloudy and has been all day.  Whew.  Just a nice break from the scorching sun.
   The kids have been enjoying the fruits of some packages that came this last week.  We are so humbled by those that think of us when we are totally out of sight.  I know that it is very easy to also be out of mind and it just is an added blessing when we get something (whether via email, facebook, post, or any other) confirming others thoughts of us.  So thanks so much.  Amazing people back home supporting us....amazing.
   Well, here are the links to our recent photos..... ENJOY!!!  And as always let us know if you have any problems viewing the photos!

April 2010

Jesiah's Photography

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Pasha said...

Facebook gets the majority of your internet time eh? Now you know why I deleted my account. I like the slow pace of blog land. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Hope we can be regulars on each others blog. God Bless, Paul.