Friday, June 04, 2010

Off we go!

Well, we are only 1 day away from all heading out to the bush.  A bit scary, YES.  A bit intimidating, YES.  A bit thrilling, YES YES.  What a journey God has had our team on.  LOTS of here's and there's and everywhere's! (thanks so much to you all who hung in there with us through it all)  God just leads as we take one step at a time and we can confidently say that we have followed Him here to this next move.  A short stay in a village in North Ambrym.
Although Hought and Jim have taken a couple trips out to N. A. the rest of us ladies and kiddos have yet to step foot there.  So we are overwhelmed as this day SO quickly approaches!  Saturday, which is your Friday (if you are in America).

We are really just looking at this trip as a chance to get face to face with the people that God may indeed want us to commit a HUGE chunk our lives to!  We will just be chillin' with people, figuring village life out, and trying to understand for sure if this is indeed where God would have us.

Please pray for our health!  Gwen is battling an infection that has put her out for going on a week now.  She is on antibiotics but we are still waiting to see some real results.  And Jesiah is now battling a flu.
Pray also for our safety.  There is a lot of travel going to be happening.  - We will take a plane to Craig Cove which is West Ambrym and will from there hop on a speed boat which will carry us the rest of the way to the North side of Ambrym.  This should take about 1 1/2 hours on the sea.  This will TOTALLY be a new thing for most of us. :)  AHHHHHH. :) Oh, the adventures of it all.
Pray that we will sense a clear direction for God's will in our planting roots here or continuing to do further survey throughout Vanuatu.
Also be in prayer for us as this will be a culture flip for us all.  For us ladies, guys too (as they have never been to the bush with their families before) and for our kids.  We will be facing almost a change in every aspect of life.  From sleeping, eating, bathing, toilets, talking, looking, smelling, touching... YOU NAME IT.... it will be flipped on its head compared to our "safe" culture of what we already know and have grown in.  Pray that Satan wouldn't use these things to tear us down spiritually, physically, or socially as a team and ultimately as a vessel for His honor.

These are some pics from the guys survey there just a couple weeks ago.  Please browse through and we would be happy to hear any comments or questions you may have that pop in your mind as you view this "new world" of culture.

Click these links and it will take you to our photo album in Facebook:

North Ambrym Hought and Jim Survey - May 2010
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