Monday, September 12, 2011

School already???

Wow it seems that Summer flew past!

Our summer was packed. Absolutely packed! We were able to visit each of our supporting churches and  almost ALL of our supporting friends and even got to fit in some family times too.

I am continually in awe of the constant care that God graces us with through His followers. We have been so encouraged through our times of sharing with others about what He is doing in Vanuatu and the hopeful work among the people of North Ambrym.

So whats ahead??

Gretchen and Laura will be taking off this next Sunday (18th) for some training in North Carolina.  This training is a "Missionary Medical Intensive" course that is designed just for missionaries who are in remote situations and don't have acess to hospitals etc.  It is (as it says in its title) a very intense 2 weeks where the days will be FULL of super helpful workshops including all types of medical emergency situations.  We have read one of the books already and it covered everything to flushes out foreign objects in they eye to skin grafts.  Suturing to broken bones.  Midwifery to skin issues.  LOTS of this will be very helpful to have tucked away in our brains (hopefully never to have to use) so we can be available to any who may need emergency care.   As most know Houghton is a nurse and so a lot of his training has already come in handy but we would be naive to think that he would be around all the time.  And also it will allow us to be a better help to him in case need be. SO all this said, we would HIGHLY appreciate your prayers as we take off and try to shove some important stuff in our already stuffed brains. :)
You can be praying too that I (Gretch) wouldn't miss my family terribly!  Two weeks is a LONG time!  I will be feeling it before I even hit the airport to take off for North Carolina! :)

Also during the 2 week that I am gone Houghton will be going to Colorado for a Technology training in solar, water, waste and all things pertaining to this (wow am I totally not knowledgeable in this I cannot even write about it) :) This training will be a HUGE benefit to him as he has been trying to wrap his brain around building in the bush.  We are so thankful for those who have come along side him and helped him with what they know in these areas!  It is incredibly helpful to have your support in this matter as sometimes it can feel as if we are going it alone.  You are a HUGE help to us!

If you do your math well (and I know you do!) you would figure that our kids will be parentless for a week. :)  That is where the ever faithful and even more gracious (and a little bit of crazy mixed in) grandparents come in!  What a tremendous blessing that both sets of grandparents are in the area to be so involved in our lives.  HUGE blessing.  We look forward to the relationships shared while mom and dad are away.

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