Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Lord Reigns, let the earth rejoice; Let the many islands be glad.

Psalm 97:1

I just thought that I would post a better picture of Vanuatu. As you can see Vanuatu is appr 1500 miles off the east coast of Australia. South east of Papua New Guinea and just west of Fiji. Vanuatu is a country that has appr 80 islands, three national languages (French, English, bislama) and appr 105 different tribal languages.

To the right is a picture of Team Vanuatu. From left to right Brad, Zoe, and Amber Jones (Brad and Amber are pregnant with their second, Laura Thulesen (she's hot and is not opposed of a hot, male, Christian who is sold out for Christ and interested in Missions) just FYI, Houghton, Jesiah, Gretchen, Gwenyth Richards in mammas tummy, Rose, Steve, Jane, Ethan, not pictured Matthew, Tiffany, Jennifer, Emily Gibb.

We, Houghton, Gretchen, Jesiah, Gwenyth, Laura, Brad and Steve will be in Vanuatu on the islands of Efate, Santo, and Malakula in March 2007 to do some survey work. We plan to be there for two weeks. I f you would like to help with the expenses, pray for, or receive updates about this very important trip please email us at or Our plan is to be in Vanuatu full time by March 2008. We are looking forward to learning their culture and language and share the awesome knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I would like to introduce you to Ni-Vans, Natives of Vanuatu. Please begin to pray for the nation of Vanuatu. That God would begin to prepare them for His message to them. Pray that they would resist the temptation to synchronize the message of Christ with their animistic worship. We are very much looking forward to building relationships with the Ni-vans for the Glory of God. Please join us.

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