Saturday, November 25, 2006


This was a very rare time when Gwenyth allowed me to hold her while she was sleeping.

I am pretty excited about the pic on the right. He is going to be our little music man. Look at the perfect posture and finger placment.

Oh, he likes to catch big air as well. He jumps off of just about everything with a pefect landing on two feet, well most of the time :)

Here is a close up of Gwenyth. We took advantage of this photo opp.

I thought that i would finish this post with a good old fashion picture of a Montana Mule deer. I got to shoot two antelope, one mule buck and one mule doe. I drew a special elk permit to hunt on an awsome piece of land this year but was unable to go because of work, ministry etc. God is good. and allowed us to fill our freezer this year.

Well hope that you enjoyed the pics. Untill next time.

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