Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Jesiah blowing out his first candle. Well i lied. just a few weeks earlier he had some practice at his friends, Seth, B day party. We had the party at The Thulesens, Gretchens parents, house. Grandma Richards made the football cake.

I know that it is strange to have a pic of two chics but these are the most eligible bacheloretes of the year. Laura was able to come and visit us for two weeks during her Christmas break. She got to spend allot of time with the kids and Gretch and i got to work out together. Now that's a date :).

Jesiah making the most of J Day. I have a feeling it gets worse as the years go on. "Every day is J day". I can hear it now :). Gretchen always wants to celebrate the day after her B day and the day after the day after her B day and so on. If your in the area stop by. We will more that likely be celebrating something.

Say hello to the next mother Theresa. You can call her mother Gwenyth.

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