Sunday, June 10, 2007


Today I was checking up on how our blog and website where looking and where we could make improvements etc. As I clicked on our "cluster map" that is located to the right (near the bottom) I was brought to tears. I am so amazed at the locations around the world that happened across our blog. In some of the counties I have an idea who has visited our site but in others, I am clueless and wonder, what brought them here to our blog? God is doing incredible things around the world and I cannot wait to see people of another tribe and tongue have the opportunity to speak the name of Christ in their own language with an understanding of who He is and what He has done for THEM! God is SO WORLD minded....I find such frustrations with some who only have an American minded view. God desires the WHOLE WORLD to know Him and I ask you if that is your desire as well? May I challenge you with that.

Maybe the whole reason why you ended up on this blog is because you too, like Christ, are world minded....

To all of you out there in the other parts of the world who read our blog...THANK YOU for the encouragement you have been to me today!

~ Gretchen

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