Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some pics so far

We have hit the road running so to speak with our "deputation" process. We have lined out some churches to speak at while on our way to Georgia for further training. The Richards (all four of us) and Laura Thulesen all took off in our minivan for a month trip out East. It is begining to look like we may be gone more than a month but it is still up in the air.
Our fearless leader, Laura
Jesiah sporting his favorite "hat", Houghtons paintball mask.
On Friday, the first leg of our trip brought us to the home of the Faltynski's in Duluth, MN. We spoke at Brian and Laura's church on Sunday and thus got to spend the long weekend with them. It was a blast and the kids enjoyed playing together! Brian and Laura have two children, Winter (6) and Creedon (3).

Laura T, me, and Laura F. :)
Houghton and Brian
We spoke during the adult Sunday School and enjoyed our time with the people there! We were well received and we pray that God would move in the hearts of those He desires to get involved in His work in Vanuatu.
On Monday, the second leg of our trip brought us to Minneapolis, MN to the Foulkes (family on my moms side) home. We will stay at their home until our flight on Saturday which takes us to Georgia. We are hoping to have some relaxing time with the kids so they will be ready to face the next step on our path - training at Biblical Ministries Headquarters.
Our training is from 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday and so the kids will be babysat elsewhere on campus. This may be interesting for them both because of the seperation from mom and dad for this huge amount of time. This is a huge concern and anxiety for me (Gretchen) in hopes that they will still be able to get good naps and whatnot so they remain healthy and in good spirits. There will be a TON of other children there that they will be able to pal around with so it is my prayer that these weeks will be a blessing in their lives and not too stressful on them. Our family of four will be staying in a bedroom together so you can also pray for rest. :)
We are excited about what God is doing both in Duluth and also within the homes of the individuals that we will be meeting with throughout our week here in Minneapolis. We meet with a small group at my Grandmothers apartment tomorrow to share with them what God is leading us to do in Vanuatu. We covet your prayers of safety and health these days as we travel and are excited for what He has in store for us throughout July and August!

Gwenny and me chillin' on the lawn.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and I'm glad your trip has gone well so far. I pray it all goes well. I love reading your blog and it always makes me smile. I also love seeing Gwen cute! :)Pam