Monday, August 11, 2008

Greetings from the other side!

We are doing great. The kids did marvelous on the plane ride. They all slept most of the 11 hours and the 3 hour layover in Fiji went good as well. Seemed to not have any problems with thier ears because of the air pressure, Praise God!

It has almost been a week here in Port Vila (Vila town - Bislama) and we are starting to get into a good sleeping habit. For a while we were going to bed at 5:00 PM and getting up around 4:00...ahhhh...:) but we are now in a good routine. The kiddos have been SUPER. Thanks for your prayers!

We are learning Bislama surprisingly fast. I was at the market today while Hought did some internet work here at the Cafe and was able to talk with some ladies in Bislama. They are so helpful with words and it was good for me to practice a bit. Hought is doing AWESOME with Bislama. He talks with the gardner for a couple hours a day and works with him to help learn quickly. I am super proud of him because he thought he would be bad at learning a language. So Praise God He is helping us learn. All in 5 days anyway....we have a long ways to go!

Since a picture can speak a thousand you go!

Houghton looking off our porch with his macheteKids playing on the front porchAddy enjoying it all

On the steps of our front house (only temp house for now)

Went to the beach and collected hermit crabs and put them in a coconut shell. Gwenny and Si both loved to play with them.

Flying to Port Vila, Vanuatu from FijiFlying to Port Vila, Vanuatu from Fiji

Flying from Fiji to Port Vila

Flying from Fiji to Port Vila
A indescribable view from our temporary home
This looks out onto most of the island!!! We will be moving to our permanent house soon.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you! :)
Autumn says HI and she hopes you continue doing great.
Dalton says HI guys. He hopes you have a good time and looks forward to seeing you again. BYE :)
Thanks for the pictures and the news. It is great to hear how you are doing. Continue learning and blessing and being blessed!
The Poleskys

Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear that you made it there safely and that the kids were great. The pictures are great! Our prayers are with you guys and love to hear your updates. Many blessings!
Love, The Bergevins

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Praise God for his grace to you on your travels. Although, i didn't see much of the advertised "11 hours of sleeping" in the pictures ;) We will definately be prayin for ya, and Laura says that when she reads the blogs now she gets all "misty" (he he, she just told me to shut up). Anyway. Keep the faith!

Nice machete, houghton. You need to use that thing to shave.

Love, Bryan (and the rest of the crazies)

meidingr said...

Hello Richards'family

It was so nice to hear how your family was doing. I am so excited for you all. This must be the ultimate challenge. I look so forward to seeing how your family is doing. Keep the faith and you will truly be blessed

Angie Meidinger

meidingr said...

I am so excited for you guys. This must be the ultimate challenge. I look so forward to your greetings and updates. I am so glad your family is doing well. Keep the faith and you will be richly blessed. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Angie Meidinger

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Gardner family! We are so happy to hear things are going well. You all look "at home" in the pictures. It is so great to see. You are truly where you are supposed to be(Not that there ever was a question!! :)I can see the Lord working in you and all those you come in contact with. We look forward to many more updates and being able to see God's hands and feet doing HIS work.

Praying his protection, grace and blessings for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I hope that you are doing well! I saw this article about Vanuatu today and thought of you! I did not know you moved already! It is awesome to see God working in your lives! I miss you guys more than you know! I know God is going to bless you there in your ministry! Let me know whats going on when you can!

Love- Justin Risinger

cwatts said...

It is so exciting to see and hear how well you are all doing. Thank you so much for keeping us all "in the loop" I feel very blessed and honored to be a (very small) part of your courageous and awesome venture. Prayers to you all,

Connie Watts

Jeanne Green said...

Praying for all of you over there. Dave and Lynn keep us posted in SS also. Am reading the book you gave us at picnic. Glad you can blog us.

Love and Prayers. Jeanne Green