Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take off!!!!!!!!

Well, if you are the type of person that checks out what time it was when the message was posted... you would see that it is entering the wee hours of the morning. I am waiting out our washing machine so I can throw the next load into the dryer. I find myself always waiting on the wash. I guess that is partly because of cloth diapers. But no complaints here!
We are almost officially packed. I would be able to say "officially" if only the wash was done. :)
It will take a miracle for us to get all of our luggage to Vanuatu! We seem to have a problem with only having two hands each...bummer. But our God has proven a thousand times over again that He is in the business of miracles...so off we go.

We get asked a lot if we are nervous....I think that as each minute passes it sets in a bit more. Tomorrow (or today I guess) we will be saying our good-byes to my mom and dad (Thulesens). This will probably start the chain of nervousness for me. It is bound to set in at that time. Thank God that good-byes are really not good-byes...ya know? But only "see you soon's". I know that our kiddos will not really totally get the good-bye time as we have said good-bye to grandpa and grandma hundreds of times. This is maybe a blessing.

We will be spending a couple days in CA with Houghton's family before our departure to Vanuatu (Aug 3rd) so it is also a blessing that we have seperate time with each family to say our good-byes. God has been so gracious to us in the little (big) things!

We will keep this blog rolling even from Vanuatu...so keep checking us out!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Heflebower's said...

Congratulations on getting ready to leave. I don't know if you remember us from BMW last year but we remember you and hove thought of your family often. Our family is excited you you.

Scott & Noelle Heflebower and L Kids...Peyton, Isabella, & Naomi