Sunday, September 21, 2008

Updates! :)

Our website: (FYI-I have tried again and again to update our website ( appears that it is not going to work. SO I apologize but all our updates will now be on our blog. Including our praise and prayers...SO keep checking this for all such things.)

Bislama: This week has been great. A successful week in another culture and another language. Houghton and I both have become comfortable as we talk with people here. It does get a bit overwhelming though as there is A LOT of the language that we cannot speak. But thankful that we can function just fine in what we have learned thus far. Praying everyday for an opportunity to LEARN more language. (For me, I hear new words and phrases constantly, but for my brain to hold on to it in such a way that I could reproduce it is different all together - thus LEARNING) Thanks for praying for us in this way. We are thrilled that we are able to learn as much as we have. God has been gracious to our ears and tongues.

Family: Si is LOVING all the playmates. He gets right in there in ALL situations. I will go hours without seeing him because he is off playing outside. Gwen is right behind him! She is a bit more cautious (which is okay in my opinion) but LOVES all the attention and being outside! Addy will soak it all up with smiles all around. Dear thing.

Here are some pic's for you to enjoy.
By the way, I am sorry we don't have much for pictures in the respect of talking with the locals here. I feel a bit awkward pulling a camera out. These people have so little and I want to fit in as much as possible and pulling out a camera makes me feel (and look) more like a tourist than a friend to those I am chatting I am so sorry that we are lacking in that aspect. I hope to show you a bit as time goes on though! Still working on more videos for (richards road vanuatu - is the key search on that website).

THANK YOU ALL for prayers and encouragements and giving!!!!! CANNOT BE HERE WITHOUT IT!

Putting flowers in the Birthday girls hair

Addy and I enjoying the nightime weather

Gwen making faces with other people on the bus

A moth that Gwen wanted to hold

Si loves all the gecko's and they are in plentiful he can play endlessly...even if he accidentally kills them... he is still learning how to hold them gently

Last weekend we celebrated Gwen's 2nd birthday!Addy and her stunned camera face. :)

Gwen with cake on her forehead! But still cute.

This gift was wrapped Vanuatu style. I went to the yard and (with some help) got two banana leaves and vine and flowers. I thought it was the best wrapping paper!

Houghton has been teaching literacy at "won smol bag" (kinda like an after school program minus the after school - most are unschooled) Gretch is hoping to start singing with a choir group that meets here on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures you do share. Keep sharing what you can, they are great!
Gwen is a beautiful 2 year old !! :))
I do like the giftwrap too.;)
Thanks for the updates