Monday, October 27, 2008

Blue over the longer

Many of you have heard and have been praying for our family as the flu hit us. Thank you SO MUCH. I thought that I should post an update on this as so many have asked how we are now doing.
Seems as if we are all healed. Houghton was the last to get it...sadly while he was away on a survey trip... but seems as if he is now on the mend. Addy never did seem to catch it so we are so grateful for that.
Houghton will be coming home via plane tomorrow at lunch time and we could not be more ready! :) Well, that is not entirely true...there are a lot of things I want to get done before he comes home, but we are otherwise very ready for his arrival!
I cannot wait to hear the stories of his trip and to share them with you! So keep checking back and I hope to give you an update within the week!
Thanks again for praying for us! I ask that you would continue to pray for our health as Dengue Fever is now sweeping through Vila. Pray that we would be kept safe from this! Thanks.

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