Thursday, October 02, 2008

Papa Gad em i gud tumas a?

I have an awesome update on our last blog entry. Today, God fixed our quarry with Internet and insurance. So if you have read our last post you would know that our insurance went up 100.00 a month. Therefore causing Hought and I to question whether or not we could keep our Internet connection at our house. Well, today it was announced that TVL, the one and only phone and Internet company in Vanuatu, is lowering the Internet charges by **** get this **** $100.00 a month. So you can now see how God was working it all out. Not that He had to grant us this plea to keep our conveniences, but that He desired to get the glory in it all. Thank you to all who offered to help us financially in this way. We are thrilled that we will be able to keep our connection with you all! What a huge blessing it is to be just a click away huh!

Jisas, em i gud long yumi!

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