Saturday, December 06, 2008

The making of a Christmas tree...Vanuatu stlye

So we decided it was time to go hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. For most this entails donning your warmest clothes, and carrying a saw, all while you trek through the freshly fallen snow and you are surrounded by the silence of thick, heavy pines blanketed with fluffy white.

BUT for entailed...soaking yourself in mosquito spray, throwing on your flip-flops, and grabbing a machete as we headed off to trek through the jungle while tropical birds were cawing all around us. We were looking for the perfect shoot of bamboo and palm branches to make the tree, and wanted to gather hibiscus, ferns, and leaves to go along with the bamboo.

We had a super fun time. Check out us on youtube for the video of this little adventure. But here are the pics of the finished product... We are not sure how long each flower will last so everyday the kids get to pick new flowers to add to the tree. It will be fun!

Si and Gwen with the finished product...for today anyway, we still have to find a good spot for it and make it look a little less like a flower arrangement. :)

Gwen watching as Houghton drills holes in the bamboo shoot so we can stick things in it. Bamboo is SUPER strong so he had to really work to get the screwdriver to go through it.

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Joel & Amanda said...

Thanks for keeping us so up to date!! I love to hear about Christmas, and how your working to make traditions, your way ahead of me, we don't even have our tree yet, and no decorating done either. We have had -30 temps, so tree hunting has been postponed! We continue to pray for you all, we love and appreciate you so much.