Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our December

Addy ended up getting Impetigo. It is a skin rash that is pretty common here and even in the states. However, it is more prevalent here because it is not treated for the most part and therefore, because it is highly contagious, there are more cases of it. If you are interested in knowing more go to . It started in her diaper area and then they started popping up on her face. Because she is so young she really doesn't even notice that she has these sores thank God. The only thing she complains about is when we give her the oral medicine as it tastes awful! She has had it for about 5 days now and it hasn't spread since she has been taking the antibiotic. So we are hoping the sores will be gone soon.

This is the largest sore. They start out as huge blisters and then when they pop they look like this. This sore appeared overnight.

Houghton, Si, Gwen and Laura along with Suzanne, Fred and Timo went to a hip hop dance competition this week. I was TOTALLY bummed to miss it but because Addy's rash was still contagious I needed to stay home with her. These are some pics of the crowd...It filled in a lot once the show started. But they got a great front row seat.

You can see our crew up in the front here in this pic.


We got on the topic of glasses. And the comment was made that I wear which MUCH confusion arose. So I took one of my contacts out so they all could see it. It was like I was a magician. Hilarious! But they were amazed that I would have something in my eye to help me see. Later a kid came up and asked if I could take the "marble" out of my eye again so he could see it again.

Winnie sowing up an island dress. If you look at the machine it is a hand crank sowing machine.Taking a bath

The inside of a house. A frame with tin is pretty typical for in the city.

Winnie's son, Joshua, with an unhappy Addy. Addy was wanting mommy this day. It was quite hot and she couldn't fall asleep because it was so hot. So she was a bit grumpier than usual.

Addy playing with a fan

Gwen has taken a liking to Willie...this little guy (or not so little) is about 6 months old and I think is trying to eat Gwen's dress. :)

Climbing trees is done a lot. Si is just now starting to get into it.

I think this picture is great as it shows how chaotic it can get at times. Sometimes I have all three of my own kids crawling to be on my lap, as well as some local kids thrown into the mix. I wouldn't mind as much if it wasn't so amazingly HOT. :)

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