Monday, January 12, 2009


For those of you who will see this before you get our is a letter we are buzzing out to our prayer supporters with email addresses.

Asking for quick prayer for Gretch. She has been having some intense pain for several days now and medication seems to not be dealing with the problem. We made the decision to have an ultrasound done of her abdomen to see if that could reveal what would be causing such pain. The appointment is set for tomorrow (Tuesday for us but Monday for you we are 15 hours ahead of you in MST) at 9:30 AM. This has been a very very hard time for our family. School started last Thursday (the day Gretch started feeling sick) and it is a very intense program. Because of this delay in our schooling Gretchen has had to make some serious decisions on her schooling program and I have had to be a full time student as well as full time dad and mom all while I haven’t been feeling 100% either. It has been very stressful and emotional. We are anxious about what this will mean if something shows up on the ultrasound. So please pray for wisdom in ALL the many decisions that we have to be making now as well as Gretch’s health.

We can only do this through God’s strength and we HAVE to have prayers going up for us in this immense time. Thank you for promising to be there for us and for supporting us through all the great times. And now some of the bad times. We covet your prayers and encouragement.

The kids are healthy and happy so we praise God for that.

Thank you,

In His care and His hands,

The Richards

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