Sunday, January 25, 2009

What our kids are up to while we go to school...

While we are in school the kids go to "play school". They love going. They do all kinds of crafts, songs, stories, play in the playground name it. They are wiped when they come home. Which is pretty good cause so are Houghton and I from school.

These are some pics taken while they were at play school.

Gracie helped out quite a bit at the begining to help the kids get used to things here. Gwen and Sorian

Ruth and her husband Don are from CO and came here to volenteer for the 6 weeks.

John and his wife Ros, live close by and volunteer every year for the child care program.

Rachel's parents are with SIL and are translators in the Solomon Islands. Her dad Taylor is one of our instructors for the year.


Krista Motsinger said...

Thinking and Praying for you guys! SO happy your kiddos are so well taken care of while you train! I am so proud to call you guys my friends! What an amazing adventure God has called you to!!!

HIfromPP said...

Cute, Cute kids!!
Looks like they are doing well. I'm glad it is working out!
Good luck with your training :)Sounds interesting! ;)
Proud to be your friend too!
:) Pam

Anonymous said...

Love your posts and pictures. Looking at yours, Lur's and Kenner's blogs fills in details really nicely for info and prayer items. Love ya, mom