Thursday, February 19, 2009

A breath of fresh air

In more ways than one have we been breathing some fresh air. Firstly because the smoke is finally starting to settle from all the bush fires surrounding us these past two weeks, and also because tomorrow is graduation! Graduation from Summer School anyway. We all still have a year to go...but we have next week OFF! YIPPEE. :)

I want to share with you some videos of some of the classes that we have been taking these past 6 weeks. Some might be a bit boring to you but look at it in light of learning to speak another language, write an unwritten language and teach those speakers to also read and write in their own language. What a thrill to test ourselves on the knowledge that we have crammed into our full brains in such a short time! Praise God for His provision for us these weeks and also for His grace and mercy as it has been a long 6 weeks as well. The kids are now through with child care and for that I am glad and sad. They LOVED going and doing such amazing crafts and playing with the other kids there. John and Roz were amazing with the kids and we cannot thank them enough for being creative and lively for 6 weeks straight! :)


Our phonetics class:

Our Language Learning class:

And our Anthropology class is soon to come: (gotta get from teammate :) )

MORE TO COME of the kids and all...but wanted to post as soon as possible.

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