Saturday, February 07, 2009

A week has blown by

I have to say that today is crazy hot and windy. We reached 115 today and it was 110 steady for almost all day. At 5:30 tonight, the cold front hit. It is so weird how that works here. They can predict what time the cold will hit and, sure enough, you can feel it get 20 degree's cooler in a minute! Amazing.

We have had another successful week here at school. Here are some pics for you to enjoy... :)
Gwen feeding her baby some apple pieces

The kids' favorite hiding spot

Si and Sorin climbing in the back of our house

watching a movie with her baby

Addy is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING.

Gwen doing her "homework" We got this awesome coloring book and markers in a care package. The markers only work on this kind of paper. So this is perfect for our little draw on anything daughter!

Si got some sweet action spider man socks and sweatshirt in the care package.

Kids dressing up

Gotta love the bed tub acoustics! Time for lots of yelling. ;)

We found a YMCA close by with a great kiddie pool

Some stickers that came from great grandma

Climbing in back yard

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