Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good to have a home

Gwen bringing up her offering. They have 60 sec. to run around the room and collect as much money as they can from people. This money goes to an orphanage ministry.

At church.

We were able to hang out a bit with some friends from church today. It was so good to have this again. I have really been missing a church body and it is a blessing to have these wonderful people in our lives. What an incredible gift God has given us in friendships through the years! We have traveled SO much these past couple years and I have felt like I have been without a home for these years (such is the "transitions stages" of our life now days) and having a church body that is friendly, welcoming, and hospitable is just a sigh of relief in the purest sense of the phrase!

Things are going well. Houghton is busy busy busy at school as some big assignments are coming due. I am trying to survive as a stay at home mom (how do you all do it???? "survive" is the correct word it seems a lot of times) and God has placed some fun "assignments" in my lap this week. Four people different have approached me about taking voice lessons. All in one week, isn't that strange? God must have something planned. Or He just knew what I needed and I'm going to roll with that. So I gladly am starting to teach two girls on a weekly basis coming this week. And the other two will be something less formal and will happen some time later. I have been able to sing for church one Sunday with Laura. We sang a song that I wrote some years ago. It was fun to add a harmony to the song that I would otherwise sing solo. Add I am joining with Houghton and Laura in another song for this coming Sunday with three other people. So God also knew my heart in feeling like my season of singing was dry. Now to only get into the Sydney Opera!!! :) Wouldn't that be amazing. HAHA. Well, something to pray about anyway is a chance for me to use my classical singing passion.

Keep praying for us. We CANNOT do this without walking in the Spirit and we CANNOT walk in the Spirit without a lot of prayer! It (prayer) is what keeps us out here as we walk (sometimes blindly) by faith. May YOU too walk by faith. How can we pray for you?? Keep us posted in your life. We feel far away sometimes and it would help so much to hear how you are doing and how we can serve you. Thank you for loving us and working along with us.

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