Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent days in the Richards residence

Houghton in class. You can also see Jim Kenner and Brad Jones in this pic.

Si walking holding Gwen's baby for her. I thought this was sweet. :)

Gwen and Addy sharing the stroller.

Kids playing outside together. Gwen, Sophi, Si, Addy and SorinSi and Gwen did my hair for me. Lovely isn't it?

It is quite a sight to see Si go after a drumstick! He is like a little lion cub. It is hilarious! His favorite is the skin. (yuck) So naturally Houghton and I give him ours. ;) Its a good deal.

Addy, Abigail, Gwen, and Si. Abigail come over to our house on Fridays while her mom and dad go to classes.

Si playing with "his man".

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Adrian said...

Fun pics! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Our God is an awesome God.
I love the fixing your hair pic, Phoebe is into that right now and at some we have all been the subject (read: vicitim, haha just kidding, actually she does a pretty good job)Even the boys will let her at times, I love that!
Prayers and hugs!