Sunday, June 28, 2009

YAY but also NAY

Hey all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have reached the break. (listen carefully and you can hear me shouting for joy all the way from across the Pacific Ocean). Thank you all for praying for us this last semester. Houghton had a great semester of wisdom thrown at him and he did a fantastic job of catching a lot of it. We are STILL SO thankful for this year of school. God has grown our family through this time of stretching and we are incredibly thankful for the prayers that were lifted to the throne on our behalf: Prayers for our sanity, for our family, for Houghtons retainablity, and for our teams sustainablity!

Now for the "NAY". We have been informed that we will NOT have internet for this month. We are SUPER bummed to hear this news. We where SO hoping to catch up with you all during the break. If you would, please pray that we would get chances to get to the city and get some internet time at Maccas (or McDonalds as you so well know it as :) ).


Laura said...

HA! I love your video - especially Addy in the dirt - it's a third child thing. Jonas is constantly doing stuff that people are like "ummm...did you know Jonas was eating dirt/falling off that chair/in the window sill/climbing over_____" and i'm like "yea, he's fine - third child" :)

The Kenners said...

Where did you get the layout for your blog. Is it just one of the regular layouts from 'blogger layouts'?
~ Josh K.

Anonymous said...

I will miss hearing from you.
Have a great month, enjoy family time :)