Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some prayer

Hey there! Just asking for some prayer for a couple things. Could you be praying with us for Houghton as he is pouring himself into his studies. The days are getting longer and longer for him to be away studying and we are just entering the end of first semester. Would you pray that God would give Houghton clarity of mind and also speed as he is writing papers, working on projects, and preparing for tests all in these next two weeks.
Also pray for me and the kids to be a support to him and to utilize the time we have together as a family when Houghton is able to come home.
God has lead us to take this training and it is a thrill to be learning all that is being taught. But as we were warned, it is very stressful on our family. Thank you for praying for us and caring for us from afar!

Gretchen for us all

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