Saturday, August 14, 2010

To finish off July and Start August

     Today our teammates are leaving for the States.  It is a bitter sweet.  Bitter because they are dear friends who have been by our side (through the good, bad and the ugly) for the last 2 years.  Sweet because they are going to be eating TACO BELL in 24 hours! :)

     We had an amazing month of July.  Time has been zooming past us and, praise God, we are so blessed that each step of the way we know His presence.  In the last two years, our journey has taken us to live in two different countries, and  meet TONS of incredible people whom He has called out that we are able to now call friends.  Although this is only the beginning of our life in Vanuatu, we are HUGELY blessed to call this amazing country home.  It is a difficult transition into a new culture,  there has been blood (thankfully not lots!),  lots of sweat and lots of tears and I can tell you in full confidence that God was in it all. He continues to show us that this is NOT possible in our own strength but that  moment by moment we MUST trust in His strength!  What a battle!  To be in the habit of relying on His strength.  Does this ever become 1st nature?  So often we muck things up because of our constant power struggle with our all-knowing, all-caring, and all-powerful creature.
Here are some little snippets of the last couple weeks.

While mom and dad were here, we had Tania take some family shots of us all.  This tire swing has provided many a picture for our kids!

Although we can get cottage cheese in one of the stores here, I thought I would give my cheese making skills a try. :)  I made Ricotta for some lasagna and it was AMAZING!

We were able to celebrate Vanuatu's 30th year of independence together.

These lantern things were SO cool.  Its like a mini hot air balloon that you light and send off into the night.  COOL!  It was a bit windy so that night proved to be a bit tricky, BUT we got it off without lighting anything on fire (as far as we know!) :).
We see this a couple hundred times a day. :)  Our little three (sometimes sans clothes!) walking up the hill to see what Lewi and Monique are up to.

Helping Josh wash dishes the last day the Kenners were here.

Getting in some time before the big move.

One final pic as a team...turned out pretty cool! :) The Kenners are now back in the states finishing their support raising.

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Fun pics ;) Good family pictures and the team picture is cool!