Thursday, September 02, 2010

A trip to Malekula

Houghton has taken off to the island of Malekula to do a survey of the languages and peoples there.  He was asked to make this survey on behalf of SIL (one of the most influential Bible translation groups around the world) and H was ready and willing to take the trip.  This will be the first survey trip that H has been on where he won't have a teammate with him.  He will be traveling with a local man who is from Malekula.  The two of them will cover a lot of distance by plane, boat, and foot.
Hought will be gone until Sept 13, the day before Gwen turns 4!!! :)

Please pray with us for:

His health - He is still recovering from his bought with malaria (?) that struck him almost 2 months ago
His saftey - as with any trip and trek, things can happen!
His work - Hought will be noticing the gap where a teammate would fill in.... Pray that he would be able to think through things and work clearly without the added bonus of another mind to throw ideas with and against

For me and the kids' health - I always worry that something major will happen while the NURSE is away. :)  Pray that we would have an uneventful time without H as far as our health goes! :)
For me and the kids' saftey - Unfortunatly Port Vila is not a safe city.  Especially where our house is located.  Pray that we would feel safe at night with out the man in the house. :)
For me and the kids' work - WOW any moms out there would know that when dad is away, the daily norm is harder.  Pray that I would keep a positive attitude with the kids and that we would enjoy our time together.
For me - I ALWAYS miss H terribly when he is away and I let my mind wander instead of casting any worry and anxiety on Him.  Pray that I would rest in the Comforter throughout the weeks he will be away.

Thanks guys.  Cannot do this without your prayer!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How is it going? I've been praying :)