Sunday, September 05, 2010

Houghton's trip update

WOW.  I have been blown away by the amount of e-mails, fb messages, etc. that I have been getting concerning Hought's trip.  We are humbed daily by the grace that He lavishes on us moment by moment and the mercy that falls on us in moments of weakness and stupidity. :)  And even now I am so dumbfounded by the grace He covers me with through YOU our amazing support team.  We cannot do anything in and of ourselves and it has been such a tremendous gift you to give hand in ways that cannot be expressed!
I have felt SO at peace these last few days!  I have been sleeping soundly (well as soundly as a mom of three can! :) ) and have been thouroughly enjoying the company of my kids, my God, and my friends and family here in Vanuatu and around the world.
All this to say a HUGE thank you!!!!

We were told by some missionaries close by where H will be treking that Digecel (the mobile company that we use here in Vanuatu) doesn't work in the Mascilines and Malekula.  So I was really bummed that I wouldn't be able to talk to H here and there and hear about his trip etc.
BUT, because God is so gracious, Hought has been able to call 4 times!!!!!!!  He arrived without TOO much trouble (4 hour late plane and water coming over the boat in waves) to the Mascilines, which are a small group of islands off the south coast of the large island of Malekula.  He stayed there with a large group of men from all over Vanuatu while a conference was going on until today.  He will be leaving (as last I heard) today by boat to head to the South West Bay of Malekula.  His work is going really quickly and he is getting quite an arrangement of words from these incredible languages.
I wish I could remember the word that meant "ankle" it was hilariously hard to reproduce for my mouth... and a little tricky for him to reproduce to make sure he was transcribing (or writing it out) right.  Needless to say, his mind is going a hundred miles an hour, and God has been good to give him strength these last few days.

I hope to get some calls from him while he is treking through Malekula, but I am not sure if his phone will get service.  So I am grateful for the calls in the last couple days and will wait to update you more when I know more.

Thanks for the prayer!  The answers have been so tangible to me!


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Our God is great!