Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Our adventures of late

Coming back to Vanuatu has been a great joy.  God continues to lead and guide and it is incredible to be tossed about in His perfect timing.
While in the Melbourne airport we had the great pleasure of waiting for repairs to be done on our plane.  Who doesn't LOVE that, right?  We then got to hear that our flight had to be canceld for the night and would take off the next morning. More fun news.... but as always, God has His plan and we have ours along with His plan...

After the commotion of going down to baggage claim and getting all of our 11 bags back onto trollies, I notice that a Ni-Van couple was having trouble locating some of their luggage.  Because I am nosey (yep, just tellin it how it is people)  I had noticed that they were looking for a couple items that I knew were in "oversized baggage" claims and so I went over and in Bislama (which TOTALLY threw her for a loop...this random white chick coming up and speaking her language, with a lot of flaws mind has been a whole year for me lol) explained to her where she could find her other luggage. 
So we pull and push our luggage trollies through the airport and customs and then through to our hotel on the other side of the street from the airport.  All the while I had the strong feeling that I really should have just invited this other family to tag along with us as then we could all figure out what we were supposed to do and where to be together.  But I didn't force it as I didn't want them to feel like they needed to be with us.
So and hourish later we find ourselves (us and Laura) sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for room assignments.  I finally cannot numb the feeling that I should make sure this family got to where they needed to I suggested to Hought (yep, so kind of me right?) that he should go down to the airport and make sure they found their hotel etc.
Hought heads that way and long story shortish, he finds that they havn't been able to find their hotel for TOTALLY good reasons because it was on the other side of the parking garage for the airport!  So he is able to point them in the right direction.  Just a fun little way of meeting people ya know?

Long story longer, Hought and Laura show up at customs for our container the other day and low and behold guess who helps with all the logistics on the wharf with containers...but  Rosalyn!  So it has been a lot of fun to see a familiar face at the wharf as things get settled there....

God's plans are funny.

Pics to come as I am able to upload...were talking snail paced internet. :)


disciple de Dieu said...

Great to see you guys there ! To be honest it's a mixture of joy and jealousy, haha. God is good though and I look forward to hear more and to sharing similar expériences one day myself.

Anonymous said...

I love your stories :))

Anonymous said...

It was so incredible to hear your story about the Ni-Van couple. It reminded me again of how important it is to listen to that still quiet voice. Because of it you were given some sweet blessings. God is so good!
Kathy Leischner