Thursday, June 14, 2012

Packing for the village

In a matter of days we will be taking off for North Ambrym.  We hope to take a flight out to Craig Cove (west Ambrym) Saturday morning and then its onto a little boat for the rest of our trip up to the North.  We plan to stay about 8 weeks.  This first trip is very important to us because it is in our first visit that we are able to start to make friendships, learn the first chunk of language, start to understand a schedule for our family in the village, begin to really picture our work there, etc.  We are excited about this trip.  This excitement is also mixed with a bit of anxiety as we step into a whole different lifestyle, culture, and language.  This feeling is mixed for the kids as well, although a lot of their anxiety is based on not being able to take EVERYTHING that belongs to us out at this time.  We also will be saying some bitter-sweet goodbyes to a fantastic family that will be returning to America while we are in Ambrym.  The Nehrbass family has completed their translation on the island of Tanna and they are going back to America to begin a new stage of ministry stateside.
It has been a joy to see a number of families here complete their work and many more are near completion to the praise of His glory. 
May I say that Vanuatu is in such a huge need for more families!

Last month Jesiah and Houghton were able to take a quick trip out to North Ambrym to make sure all was a "go" for us to make the move.  It was awesome for Si to be able to be there with dad for the initial visit and I know that it has encouraged him in the work that God has for him in North Ambrym.  Here are some photos from their trip...

 The boys in front of the ship that took them to North Ambrym.

Jesiah, just after the boat took off from Vila.  The trip there went smoothly for which they were very grateful!  It was a fairly quick boat trip (only about 12 hours one way) compared to the 28 hour one that Hought took last time. :)

 Enjoying some comic book reading to pass the time. Si is on the upper deck in this pic and you can see that it was night time.

 Si is holding some kumala (like sweet potato) and the kid on the far left is holding some sugar cane.

During rainy season this little "hole" fills up with rain water and provides a great way to cool off.  You can see the tiny little white and blue Si jumping into the water below.

 Breaking open some coconuts to eat the little white ball that is growing on the inside.  Blech!  But the kids love it. :)

Plucking supper

 Si on the coast eating a coconut.  Just a walk away from where our house will be built.

 Talking to mom. ;)  I am so thankful that there are cell towers on the islands now so we can still stay in touch when on the island.  You can see that Si is on the coast, ocean just to his right, volcanic rock all around.  Cool eh?

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