Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whats going on?

We are taking some time in Port Vila awaiting a SIL conference that will be starting in a couple days.  We were able to be here for Christmas as well and it has been a blast to see the other missionary families and hang out with them as well as reconnect with friends here in Vila.

Houghton just returned from a trip to Australia to reconnect with some churches and families in the Melbourne area.  It was especially good timing as he was able to travel with Philip Joses, our friend from North Ambrym, as Philip was heading to Kangaroo Ground to take a 6 week course in Bible Translation Principals.  This is the same school that we all attended in 2009. 

We also have friends from America that are attending the year long school at Kangaroo Ground this year.  We met them while both our families were attending the Wycliffe orientation in Florida last year.  They became interested in Vanuatu and are in route to head back here to start a Bible translation work as soon as they finish their studies!  WAHOO.  It is a HUGE joy to see other families coming here...

We plan to head back to North Ambrym in February to continue to learn language and work on our house building.

If you have a hankering for some much needed photos of our ministry please head to our facebook page here or check out my sisters blog here .

Our internet is just too slow to be posting new pics.  So sorry hope to get some more up as we get better internet.  But in the mean time those two places are where you can get your fix! :)

Thank you for your interest and support in what God is doing with our family. 

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